Qui sommes-nous?

Créé fin 2010, Business & Optimism est un réseau qui stimule les contacts et les échanges entre entreprises. B&O accompagne aujourd’hui près de 400 entreprises dans le développement de leurs projets par une dynamique de mise en relation et d’échanges ciblés.  

Business & Optimism est animé par une équipe qui souhaite mettre l’optimisme au cœur du fonctionnement des entreprises.

Le mot de l’équipe


Luc Teerlinck

Fondateur et associé de Business & Optimism

"Because, by placing optimism at the heart of business, companies become incredible drivers of greater happiness and enthusiasm, creating opportunities and results for everyone."


Christine Cayre

Fondatrice Business & Optimism France

"Oser l'optimisme, c'est conjuguer lucidité et enthousiasme pour régénérer l'entreprise. L'optimisme est une éthique de travail, une invitation à la confiance, à l'innovation et au bonheur. Comme autant de facteurs de succès et de dépassement des contraintes. Il est grand temps d'être optimistes !"


Kurt Debaene,

Director Business Development & Marketing, Allen & Overy Belgium

“Blending the human factor with market & corporate dynamics remains an ongoing challenge and a constantly moving target : change is the only constant in our lives with the option of optimism as an enabling catalyst"


Michel Deboeck

 Business Psychologist - Consultant in Executive Leadership alignment  

“Optimism creates an incredible added value at the level of the behavior of your people. Organizations become better by believing in a better future - in a way this is all about creating your own self fulfilling prophecy, but in a managed and controlled way”


Bob Delbecque

Your court jester Bob travels from Dubai to Hanover and from Florida to Gdansk to confront people / companies with their own future.

  "You're not responsible for the face you were given but you are for the rotten face you pull!" Optimism is a moral duty! Es ist zeit für neue Zeiten! J'ai décide d'être  heureux parce que c'est bon pour la santé! (Voltaire) »


Elke Jeurissen

co-founder GLASSROOTS, stakeholder engagement

'“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere"  In this famous quote from Albert Einstein, I would replace 'imagination' by 'optimism'. Being optimistic in business ultimately means that, in any given situation, you believe in the best possible outcome. Not because you are naive, but because you dare to dream, believe in your vision, handle obstacles, and work hard to get things done. Business & Optimism will prove how this attitude leads to results on your bottom line. Did you say 'return on investment' or 'return on optimism' ?” @elkejeu


Laurence Vanhée

Chief Happiness Officer always looking on the bright side of (business) life

“Optimism is a state of mind that you chose. Optimism makes you more enthusiastic, more committed, more engaged, more agile. It makes you see light u-in the dark. Optimism enhances your business ideas. Optimism make you meet optimistic people who will share energy with you. Optimism opens you business Opportunities. Optimism creates performance and happiness. ”


Bruno Schroder

Technology Officer, Microsoft

"When you’re active in Information Technology, Optimism is really part of your way of life. With computers being more powerfull and software more clever every year, you are sitting in a constant flux of new tools, possibilities and ideas. Optimism is what turns it into even more innovations and solutions. "


Mark Verheyden

PhD Student and Teaching Assistant Communication Sciences at the VUB

“Optimism is what drives people to constantly improve themselves. It's about believing that things can be changed. For the young, optimism often triggers the urge to be entrepreneurial and innovative. I am convinced that a positive state of mind can be of help when one's willpower is tested to the limits. But even more important: optimism is a choice of which you are in control”